This Week’s Eats: Square One Burgers (Tampa, FL)

South Tampa’s Delectable Square One Burgers – Excellent Ambiance and Quality High-End Food

Tampa’s definitive up-scale, high-quality Burger joint; Square One Burgers and Bar Restaurant.

South Tampa's Delectable Square One Burgers – Excellent Ambiance and Quality High-End Food

The Square One Kobe Burger…Burger Perfection.

The other night we had the chance to finally get down to South Tampa and checkout the much lauded Square One Burgers…and it lived up to the hype! Google “Best Hamburger Tampa” and guess what you will find…no really try it…It pulls up a link to Square One Burgers and rightfully so. This place delivers on all levels, providing an upscale environment to enjoy an upscale burger, successfully managing to be everything that several competitors like Burger Monger have

Up-Scale Ambiance and Touches Make Square One So Enjoyable

So Many Options and Possibilities To Try!

attempted to be and failed miserably. The food here is made with fresh quality ingredients, something that is blatantly apparent from not just appearances but that first bite, whether it be into a thick juicy burger or some of the dillectible fries. The service was terrific, with a knowledgeable and pleasant staff, adding to the already inviting and modern decor of the dining experience. Of note the “BOB” buffalo burger is excellent as is any selection of the Angus burgers. The fries are also phenomenal and it is highly recommended to try the “50/50″, and enjoy both the sweet potato and traditional ones. Two thumbs up and well recommended.